Dungeon Petz

In Episode 131 we provide our hot take review of Dungeon Petz covering the mechanisms, the production, and our overall feelings of the game.

We also discuss a poll on if you feel bad or upset when hearing a reviewer saying something negative about games you love.
Twitter Poll Results:
Yes, they’re wrong – 6.7%
Depends how it’s stated – 40.3%
Nah, it’s their opinion – 53%

Then we discuss some board games on our table including Joan of Arc: Orleans Draw and Write and 7 Wonders Architects.

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Poll: Do you feel bad when a reviewer says negative things about a game you like?
07:50 Dungeon Petz
10:19 Gameplay and Mechanisms
22:32 Production and Theme
26:00 Final Thoughts
29:56 Joan of Arc: Orleans Draw and Write
34:37 7 Wonders Architects

Listen Here

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Petz

  1. I’m really surprised with how well you did reviewing Dungeon Petz after only one play! It’s my favorite game of all time which I’ve played well over 100 times, and I can say that you were able to pick up on some of the nuances and some of the things that make the game great. Good job, guys.


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