TimCon Coverage Part 2

In Episode 64, we discuss the next 8 games that were played at TimCon where Tim, Adam, Chris, and Steve got together for 5 days of non-stop gaming!  We also discuss our biggest disappointments and biggest surprises out of the 22 games played from the entire weekend.

Games covered include Smartphone, Inc., Samurai, Tapestry, Cerebria, Shamans, Outlive, Anachrony, and The Mind.

Follow along as we share the TimCon Championship scoring for the weekend and announce the Champion!

Part 1 was released last week so if you haven’t listened to that yet, go check it out!

00:00 Introduction
00:57 Smartphone, Inc.
04:45 Samurai
11:07 Tapestry
15:36 Cerebria
24:13 Shamans
33:05 Outlive
41:41 Anachrony
49:07 TimCon 2021 Champion Announced!
49:45 The Mind
50:17 Games we missed
52:31 Biggest Disappointments
53:22 Biggest Surprises

Listen Here!

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