Hasta la Vista, Baby – 10 Games Getting Terminated

In Episode 138 we each discuss 5 games that will be leaving our collection. We talk about why these games are leaving, why they weren’t getting played, and in some cases, what’s replaced them on the shelves.

We also discuss a poll on Twitter about regret after culling games.
Twitter Poll Results:
Yes, Immediately- 4.5%
Yes, A While Later – 38.1%
No – 34.3%
I’ve Never Culled A Game – 23.1%

Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

00:00 Introduction
01:50 Poll: Have you ever culled a board game from your collection and then regretted it?
08:31 10 Games Getting Culled
10:03 Hansa Teutonica Big Box
12:39 Dice Realms
17:35 One Deck Galaxy
20:18 The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game
23:49 18Ireland
26:40 A Feast for Odin
30:05 Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set
33:06 Wayfarers of the South Tigris
36:43 Undaunted: Normandy
39:37 Lords of Waterdeep
44:31 Honorable Mentions – Long Shot: The Dice Game, Dice Throne, Furnace

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