2-Player Deck Duelers

In Episode 136 we provide our hot take reviews of3 different 2-player deck dueling cards including Air, Land, and Sea, Radlands, and Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game.

We also discuss a poll on preferred length for 2 player games.
Twitter Poll Results:
<30 Minutes – 24.5%
30-90 Minutes – 58.3%
>90 Minutes – 2.6%
Depends on the Opponent – 14.6%

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Poll: Preferred length of 2-player game?
5:23 Air, Land, & Sea Description
08:25 Gameplay and Mechanisms
14:01 Production and Theme
16:38 Final Thoughts
16:13 Radlands Description
20:48 Gameplay and Mechanisms
27:17 Production and Theme
29:35 Final Thoughts
31:13 Star Wars: The Deck Building Games Description
34:51 Gameplay and Mechanisms
42:28 Production and Theme
45:58 Final Thoughts

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