Episode 53 is our 1 year anniversary episode!

we provide our hot take review of Aquatica covering the mechanisms, the production, noteworthy moments in play, and our overall feelings of the game.

We also discuss poll results around re-buying games when a new edition is released.

Finally, we celebrate our 1 year anniversary by telling our origin story.  We talk about how the podcast got started and then each of our 5 hosts tell you how they got started with board games and answer a bunch of rapid fire questions about their board game past and present.

Thank you for listening for the last year!

00:00 Introduction
01:06 Poll: Re-buying games
06:36 Aquatica Description
09:37 Gameplay and Mechanisms
12:55 Production and Theme
17:45 Standout Moments
21:22 Final Thoughts
25:45 BGHT Origin Story
38:12 Jen Gaming Background
43:22 Tim Gaming Background
49:24 Adam Gaming Background
54:37 Steve Gaming Background
1:00:59 Chris Gaming Background
1:05:49 Rapid Fire Questions

Listen Here!

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