Lost Ruins of Arnak

In Episode 41 we provide our hot take review of Lost Ruins of Arnak covering the mechanisms, the production, exciting moments in play, and our overall feelings of the game.  We briefly compare Lost Ruins of Arnak and Dune: Imperium to let you know which of these deck building/worker placement games we recommend.

We also discuss some games we’ve been playing including Power Grid and Take 5 and some games we’re excited about including Oath, Witcher: The Old World, and Elder Scrolls.

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Lost Ruins of Arnak description
03:51 Gameplay and Mechanisms
21:55 Lost Ruins of Arnak vs. Dune: Imperium
27:59 Production
37:28 Exciting Moments
41:51 Final Thoughts
47:00 Oath: Chronicles of Empires and Exile
48:50 Power Grid
51:30 Take 5
54:33 Elder Scrolls
55:58 The Witcher: Old World

Listen Here!

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