House Rules and Variants

In Episode 39 we discuss house rules and fan variants in board games.  We talk about why people may use them, how we feel about that, and what games we’ve house ruled with some notable examples including Orleans, Wingspan, Scythe, Castles of Burgundy, Eclipse: 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy, Dune: Imperium, My Little Scythe, Dice Throne, Space Base, and Champions of Midgard.

We also talk about some official variants that you find in the rulebook including Res Arcana and Terraforming Mars.

We then discuss some games we’ve been playing this week including Dice Throne and Red Cathedral, and some game we’re excited about trying including High Society, First Ascent, and VoidFall.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 House Rules and Fan Variants
01:52 Removing Complexity (Dice Throne, My Little Scythe, Space Base)
08:42 Zoom Compatibility (Wingspan)
10:30 Improved Variability and Easier Intro (Orleans, Champions of Midgard)
15:20 Better Strategic Decisions (Eclipse: 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy, Tapestry)
20:22 Exploring Games in Different Ways (Dune: Imperium)
26:02 Official Variants (Terraforming Mars, Res Arcana)
27:45 Fixing Balance Issues (Castles of Burgundy, Scythe)
31:05 Games We’re Excited About
33:06 First Ascent
35:05 Red Cathedral
35:52 Voidfall
41:28 Kemet: Blood and Sand
43:46 Dice Thrown
46:20 High Society

Listen Here!

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