Episode 30 – Top 5 Board Game Art and James Wilson Everdell Interview

In Episode 30 we talk to James Wilson, the designer of Everdell, about the new expansions for the game: Newleaf and Mistwood.  We talk to him about pitching board games to publishers, his process for expansion design, and much more.  James also shares some details of lost Everdell expansions that will never get published.

Tim, Adam, and Chris also talk about our top 5 art in board games.  Each of us covers 5 games where we love the art direction and why it speaks to us.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Frosthave Giveaway Details
01:15 James Wilson – Designer of Everdell – Interview
48:57 Top 5 Art in Board Games

Listen Here: https://anchor.fm/boardgamehottakes/episodes/Top-5-Board-Game-Art-and-James-Wilson-Everdell-Interview-esjlhe

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