Episode 22 – 2020 Wrap-up and Awards

In Episode 22 we talk about our board game highs and lows of 2020.  We discuss gaming in 2020, our highlights of the podcast so far, and give out our awards for the best games (we’ve played) of 2020 as well as the best games that were new to us in 2020.

Listen Here!

We also provide some details about what’s coming for the podcast and how you can enter to win a copy of Frosthaven (spoiler – it’s really easy).

00:00 Intro
01:15 Board Gaming in 2020
7:33 BGHT Podcast chat
14:50 Favorite Review Episodes
25:00 BGHT Podcast updates and Frosthaven Giveaway
28:17 2020 Board Game Awards
28:57 Biggest Surprises – New to Us
36:05 Biggest Disappointment – New to Us
46:57 Favorite 2020 Board Game Experience
53:55 Best Game – New to Us
1:00:57 Best 2020 Game Component
1:10:02 Best 2020 Board Game
1:15:55 Biggest Board Game Hot Take
1:26:20 Wrap… On to 2021!

Listen Here!

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