Episode 5 – Gaia Project

In Episode 5 we provide our hot take review of Gaia Project covering the mechanisms, the production, exciting moments in play, and our overall feelings of the game.  

We also discuss some things we’re looking forward to this week in the world of board games including Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur World, Marvel United, Fossilis, and Soulgivers.

Listen Here

2 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Gaia Project

  1. Chris mentioned that someone he knows had compared Gaia Prject to Terraforming Mars. Chris are you sure you don’t mean Terra Mystica?

    Now I’ve never played either but I’ve heard of that comparison quite often.

    Also I think Adam should compare the types of interactions the games you guys play like you did in this episode. Cthulhu Wars = mosh pit. Lol!


    1. I don’t know what Chris was thinking. He was probably remembering the comparison some people have made between Terraforming Mars and Underwater Cities. Lol – yeah, we didn’t keep going with analogies between player interaction and live music. I’ll remind Adam about that! – Tim


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