Game Tables and The Perfect Game Night

In episode 50 we have a discussion on game tables, which features are important to us, and our personal experience with our own tables. We also have a conversation about our dream game night – who would be there, what we’d play, where it would be, and all of the other things that would makeContinue reading “Game Tables and The Perfect Game Night”

Portland Gaming Weekend – 12 Games in 90 Minutes

In Episode 49 Chris and Tim discuss the 12 games that were played over a long weekend together.  Adam hangs out to chat with us about them. The audio isn’t great on this episode due to some technical issues but stick with us because we think you’ll enjoy the conversation. 00:00 Introduction03:04 Calico13:02 Tapestry16:06 RedContinue reading “Portland Gaming Weekend – 12 Games in 90 Minutes”

Top 5 Board Game Expansions

In Episode 47 we discuss our picks for the top 5 board games expansions! Tim, Chris, and Adam list off our picks for the best expansions of all time.  We discuss how we feel about expansions, why publishers might release expansions, and why these are our picks for the best expansions. Timestamps:00:00 Introduction00:49 Poll: FavoriteContinue reading “Top 5 Board Game Expansions”